What happens if blood vessels rupture in the brain

Blood vessels have the task of ensuring the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all organs and tissues in the body. Because of this important task, it will be very dangerous if the blood vessels are damaged, for example in the case of broken blood vessels. Blood vessels that rupture in the brain can be fatal, because they can cause the death of brain cells. The task of blood vessels is considered heavy because they must continuously drain blood throughout our lives. This organ is able to carry more than 6800 liters of blood every day. Throughout the age of humans are still alive, blood vessels will carry up to billions of liters of blood throughout the body. Surprisingly, a person's blood vessels have lengths of more than 96 thousand kilometers or the equivalent of twice around the earth if drawn in a straight line. Rupture of blood vessels can occur in several places, one of them in the brain. If a ruptured blood vessel occurs in the brain, then this will cause brain hemorrhage
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